THIS WAS A FOX NEWS INTERVIEW IN 2006 – and MOTHERS AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS was the PIONEER of “Grassroots” groups and the “singular” organization that was fighting against “ANCHOR BABIES.”

Donald Trump, along with Radio Talk Show host, Mark Levin and a few others, we have all FINALLY BEEN ABLE TO GET THE TRUTH TOLD!   Illegal Alien Infants a/k/a “Anchor Babies” ARE NOT CITIZENS OF THE USA!   And they are already citizens of their mother’s country PRIOR to birth in the USA!  Substantiating THIS FACT, is the 14th Amendment’s “Exclusionary Clause” which DOUBLES DOWN on the FACTS that “ANCHOR BABIES” are “ILLEGAL ALIEN INFANTS” and should be deported with their families.

MOST IMPORTANT:  Any “Quasi Citizenship” MUST BE RECINDED!  


Mothers Against Illegal Aliens



This is a partial transcript of “The Big Story With John Gibson,” May 4, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: The hundreds of thousands of illegals who walked off their jobs in protest this week are feeling the backlash days later.

The latest FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll asked Americans how they felt when they saw Monday’s walkout. About two-thirds made them think we need better security at our borders. Only 21 percent thought we should make illegals U.S. citizens.

Joining us now is a person who is part of that majority, Michelle Dallacroce, founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens.


GIBSON: There’s Michelle there. OK. Michelle, in a way, the protest worked in your favor, didn’t it?

DALLACROCE: Well, actually everything is going to work in our favor because the one thing America has got going for it, we have legal citizens that are waking up. These protests are waking up the sleeping giants, if you will, and we have got mothers all across America now so concerned about their children and they have a place to voice it now through Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and it’s wonderful.

GIBSON: What is it that mothers feel illegal aliens — how is it illegal aliens are threatening children per se?

DALLACROCE:  Well, what we have here is, first off, in our schools for instance, we have 185,000 illegal alien children that are in the schools here in Phoenix that we pay for and our tax dollars, our property taxes, as we all know as Americans, is what funds our schools. And what we have is a $21 million lawsuit or fines that were placed by a federal judge here in Phoenix that we are now having to fight through our legislature which is now taking up more tax dollars. Which when you look at the real big picture these children shouldn’t even be in our schools.

These illegal alien children are not under the jurisdiction of this country. When they are born here they are under the jurisdiction of Mexico primarily. That’s why, for instance, we have homework coming home in Spanish and English. Every other word is Spanish. Every other word is English. They are even doing the pledge of allegiance in Spanish. For instance, also Arizona’s state budget…

GIBSON: Michelle, let me ask you, is it your position that even though those children are there in Phoenix they shouldn’t be going to school at all.

DALLACROCE: No. They should be going to school in Mexico. They do have schools in Mexico, don’t they?

GIBSON: I know. But they are in Phoenix. Are you saying you rather they did not attend schools?

DALLACROCE: I say what Mothers Against Illegal Aliens’ position is that they belong in their home country. Their parents do not belong here. They are illegally here and they need to be deported as a family back to their country to go back to their schools in their own homeland rather than coming to our country illegally and then forcing the American people to pay for their education and their free services.

It’s got to stop and Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, as well as all the other grassroots organizations, we’re standing up and we’re saying you are not taking any more of our tax dollars. They are not for you. They are for the families of America and you need to go back to your own country.

GIBSON: All right. Michelle Dallacroce coming to us from Phoenix. Thanks, Michelle, thanks a lot.

DALLACROCE: Thank you so much.



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