MEGYN KELLY’s – “Crash and Burn” Response!




Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, August 11, 2015 (Megyn lost 237,000 viewers from Monday)
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Fox News Tuesday Rating Changes on Tuesday vs. Monday

Fox and Friends gained 118,000 viewers / up 13%
The Five gained 66,000 viewers / up 3%
Special Report lost 40,000 viewers / down 2%
Greta gained 26,000 viewers / up 1%
O’Reilly lost 428,000 viewers / down 15%
Megyn lost 237,000 viewers / down 8%
Hannity gained 145,000 viewers / up 7%


It was crystal clear that FOX NEWS anchor Megan Kelly, was “forced” to make a public statement about her treatment of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, on her Monday night show – (MEGYN VIDEO BELOW)  “The Kelly File.”  The contemptuous statements she read from her prompter, were as hard for her to utter, as it was for anyone who had the “curiosity” to tune in. 

FOX NEWS and Megyn Kelly must think the American People are STUPID, as reported in a recent Washington Post  article,entitled Donald Trump’s surge is all about less-educated Americans it describes those who support TRUMP as   “those with lower levels of education.”     

Does FOX NEWS expect the tens of thousands of PEOPLE to accept MEGYN KELLY’s pitiful apology “to agree to disagrees”  based on the orders of her boss, Roger Ailes?

REMEMBER:   Once you shatter a glass, there is no putting the pieces back together!    Both FOX NEWS & Megyn Kelly have shattered both their reputations!   When you shatter a glass, you need to be “very careful” not to “slash” your own wrist!

CORRECTION:  Above, previously reported article as not the Washington Times, should be Washington Post.





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