Does the Mexican Constitution Contradict the Birthright Citizenship of Children born to illegals in U.S.?



It is a PROVEN FACT that “Anchor Babies” a/k/a “Illegal Alien Infants” are automatic Citizens of MEXICO.


  1.    How can we allow them the same birthright citizenship from the U.S.?

2.    Why is this something that our government has failed to tell us?

3.    Why is the Mexican government staying quite?

In your opinion, are these “Illegal Alien Infants” a/k/a “Anchor Babies” citizens of:

B.   USA;


Long time activist, Michelle Dallacroce, President & Founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens researched a little known fact about the Mexican Constitution.

What did you discover about Mexican children born in foreign lands and how does it affect the Dream Act amnesty for anchor babies?  Michelle Dallacroce’s  reply was profound!

The Mexican Constitution, Chapter II, Article 30, paragraph II, states that you are a Mexican by birth if born on foreign territory, sons or daughters of Mexican parents born in national territory. There you have it! Anchor Babies are not U.S. citizens!   “Illegal Alien Infants”  are Citizens of Mexico, according to the Mexican Constitution.  Additionally, THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS INFANTS once they are born in the USA, and they are as “ILLEGAL” as is their mother!

An Illegal Alien Mexican mother, or any foreigner illegally within the USA who is pregnant, can not “birth a Citizen of the USA” – it is against Natural Law and National Law.

It is physically and legally impossible for any woman who is a citizen of another nation and illegally within the geographical boundaries of the USA 50 States, to “CREATE A US CITIZEN.”

Why?  Because an Illegal Alien Female does not have the FULL legal authority to bestow rights of any kind, different than those given to her under her national Constitution, unto her unborn child moments after it’s birth.

The baby is already a citizen of the mothers’ nation once she delivers the child, (abroad anywhere in the world) according to her mothers Constitution.

Therefore, the “Illegal Alien Infant“, is also an illegal alien.

The “Illegal Alien Infant” is no more a citizen of the USA than any child that mother would have walked over the border, hand in hand, who now is considered a “Dreamer” – but as illegal all the same!  There is no difference whether the child was in her stomach or walking next to her when she crossed the border!  The baby is called an “Illegal Alien Infant.”

“April 4, 1997, President Zedillo of Mexico stated that “We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans.”   

Michelle Dallacroce stated that her contention is that she or her organization are not enacting or dictating any laws on the Mexican “Illegal Alien Infants” born by illegal alien females in the US territory.   What Dallacroce has done is shown how the Mexican Government has dictated and enacted their own citizenship laws which clarified that illegal alien babies born abroad are MEXICAN CITIZENS.    

FURTHERING the claimed above by President Zedillo, who stated he would not allow foreign forces to dictate or enact laws on Mexicans while living in the U.S. boundaries illegally,  President Zedilo states that “he was going to use all diplomatic and legal forces at his disposal to….protect Mexicans living in the United States.”

These statements alone prove unequivocally that “ILLEGAL ALIEN INFANTS” can not, are not, and should not be citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

“A Birth Certificate is not in itself anything but a piece of paper. Just like a Marriage License! Until you go to the church and get the blessing from your Church, then and only then is that “Marriage License” a valid marriage.

The Birth Certificates that these illegal alien mothers have acquired are nothing more than a piece of paper without the full authority of allegiance to the United States of America.

These Illegal Alien Infants” born “geographically over the border” in the USA are unable to swear allegiance to the USA and are unable to be automatically bestowed or granted something that they have never sworn allegiance or that they are legally have a right too!


ALL “Illegal Alien Infants’  have had their nationality and citizenship predetermined by it’s MOTHER’s citizenship status, prior to it’s birth, and that is a proven FACT.

Knowing this IMPORTANT FACT, all  “Illegal Alien Infants” are not legally eligible to obtain and aquire US Citizenship or US PASSPORTS, under the terms of the United States Constitution, 14th Amendment because their destiny and predetermined Citizenship was and is in Mexico or any other nation their illegal alien mother came from, which superseded their live birth in the geographical boundaries of the USA.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution clearly states: “All persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States” (emphasis added).


Mexican Constitution “specifically states”:

Article 30.

Mexican nationality is acquired by birth or by naturalization:

A. Mexicans by birth are:

I. Those born in the territory of the Republic, regardless of the nationality of their parents:

II. Those born in a foreign country (i.e. United States of America (USA) of Mexican parents; of a Mexican father and a foreign mother; or of a Mexican mother and an unknown father;



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