Border Patrol knows how bad Obama’s Immigration Amnesty is going to be

Follow @DALLACROCE On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “@This Hour,” Border Patrol agent Hector Garza said the federal government is “aiding and abetting and facilitating” illegal immigrants in crossing the border, and that many of the new illegals are “going … Continue reading

The Collapse of America – A Plan Decades in the Making

Follow @DALLACROCE While many people are awakening to the Obama administration and their attempts to undermine our national sovereignty, it must be stated that this has been an ongoing effort for many, many decades. Barrack Obama is merely a … Continue reading


Follow @DALLACROCE Dear Friend, As you know, since the President first told the world of his intention to unilaterally suspend enforcement of our immigration laws for children, our nation has noticed a decisive increase in the number of unaccompanied … Continue reading