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Introducing “NOVIAC” – the 1st “National Organization for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime”

On February 24, 2016, the following documents were submitted, e-mailed and sent “Priority Mail” – (Signature required) to the Donald J. Trump Campaign on behalf of the thousands of “Victims” of Illegal Alien Crime.

On March 4, 2016, Mr. Kent Terry, the brother of Arizona Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, met with Mr. Donald J. Trump and PERSONALLY HAND DELIVERED these documents to Mr. Trump.


1. The “NOVIAC” Proposal;

2. A Cover Letter to Donald J. Trump;

3. A “NOVIAC” letter to Victims; and 

4. The “Next” Kate Steinle? (the new “Victim” SARAH ROOT)  There is no doubt that NOVIAC “must” become a powerful and national organization that will be the 1st National Victims Organization. To date, we have not had any response or action from Mr. Trump or his campaign. Once we do, we will immediately share it with you!

Your personal input to Mr. Trump will help move this effort to fruition.

VICTIM of Illegal Alien Crime – Jamiel Shaw Sr. Interviews TRUMP 

Founder- MAIA Michelle Dallacroce w/ Jamiel Shaw

1 of the “Victim Families of Illegal Alien Crime” meets TRUMP

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Family Meets TRUMP

TRUMP GIVES NEW LIFE to Victims of illegal alien crime

Michelle Dallacroce

PALIN – Don’t be SUBTLE tell us the TRUTH. How are you going to publicly support TRUMP’s immigration agenda?

Of all the unexpected “endorsements” that anyone would have thought would have been the furthest thing from their mind, the endorsement of Sarah Palin for Donald Trump was shockingly unexpected. She had, after all, endorsed Ted Cruz for the position of U.S. Senator from Texas and as a presidential candidate, it was generally believed that she would endorse him for POTUS. However, in politics, not all things are local and not all politics are easily understood. The question here then is, what is Sarah Palin bringing to the TRUMP Campaign that isn’t already there?

Although Palin continues to have a twitter following of some 1 million plus people, most can be described as people who just forgot to delete her from their account. The rest are engaged in the once popular practice of what was called the “Marilyn Monroe” cult, where men could remain lustful in private and women could pretend that they looked like Marilyn – even though they shared a stronger resemblance to their pet Poodle than to Marilyn and Palin. To be sure, Sarah Palin does bring a strong sense of the unknown to the Campaign, a past that isn’t as blushingly popular as contained in articles written by her fans, or by journalists who get paid to write such iconic story’s, but rather a public story that the nation grew to know during the days of her association with John McCain and his entourage of shifty staffers and RINO colleagues. Those were heady days when Palin, knowingly and faithfully became immersed in the politics of deceit and denial and everything and anything goes if you are racing for the brass ring – and in her case, the brass she was chasing had the ring of becoming the Vice President of the United States.

From the time she agreed to be John McCain’s running mate until their fate was sealed on that cold election day in November of 2008, Palin carried the GOP RINO baggage of John McCain and that included advocating for, supporting and flaunting his Comprehensive Immigration Reform Policy, his Amnesty position, his Open Borders deception and his Pathway to Citizenship rants. No matter what anyone has to say about how McCain’s staff mistreated her, she NEVER objected to the Campaign rhetoric espoused on immigration, nor did she refuse to speak the party/McCain line when required. Palin was in it for the fame, the glory and the publicity….JUST AS SHE IS NOW.

As a half-term Governor of Alaska – she made the decision to go from riding a pony to galloping with the big guys on Mustangs. But, in doing so, she separated herself from those who viewed her as a down to earth American, concerned about the day-to-day problems of ordinary people – to being involved with the sort of politico’s who eat their own in order to gravitate to positions of partisan importance where they make the rules and their rules make and shape those that they touch. Palin was certainly “in the bag” for that kind of treatment and she more than loved the opportunity.

As the years passed since her VP foray faded into the sunset, Sarah Palin has remained, by her own force, in the public eye and the public limelight. A failed reality show and a failed Host spot on Fox are but a few of the stunts she has successfully pulled off in order to keep her face pasted in the lockers of her male admirer’s and next to the mirrors of women who want to look and be like her. As pathetic as that may sound, it is the base desires of human nature that have kept Palin alive in the hearts and the minds of the few, who will insist that they are many.

As for her stand on immigration since her VP loss in 2008? Palin remains the baggage carrier for an Old RINO whose last days appear to be on the near horizon. She has NEVER reorganized her positions on any of the issues surrounding legal and Illegal Immigration and she has NEVER retracted the words she embraced in 2008 and by default, still embrace them today. It is, regrettably, the albatross that still hangs around her neck and now, that burden has been brought to the TRUMP Campaign via the one time running mate of John McCain whose lack of action defines her position on a subject that is openly and adamantly opposed by the 2016 Presidential Candidate – Donald Trump, whom she just endorsed.

For those who will insist that this commentary is designed to be a hit piece on – and to show hatred for Sarah Palin and by association for Donald Trump, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is every Americans duty to delve into the background of every candidate and those who endorse them. In this case, the endorsement of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin – is by those who love Donald and know the background of Palin, specifically on the issues of immigration, that is not based on a love/hate relationship, but rather on the facts. The facts about Palin re her cloudy and washboard positions on the subject are fair game and perhaps ripe for the time – to bring them up. Regardless of what her mouth says, she cannot deny and has not shown by any actions, that what she espoused in 2008, on her behalf or on behalf of John McCain, that her position has changed. She is still today who she was then. She is, in the opinion of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and other organizations that oppose unfettered illegal immigration – an advocate for the kind of immigration policy’s opposed by Trump and the majority of the American people. Putting honey on her words will never convince this organization that she has changed. Honest and sincere change requires proof – and actions really do speak louder than words.

This is one endorsement that TRUMP did not need and it may very well become one that he will regret. That being said, it does appear that TRUMP does make a mistake from time-to-time and we can only hope that the Palin error stops here.


@ “PALIN” – Don’t be SUBTLE tell us the TRUTH. How are you going to publicly support TRUMP’s immigration agenda?”



It was reported that on Monday’s broadcast of the “The Palin Update”, Donald Trump did an interview and stated that he would “love to have Palin in his official capacity.”

MOTHERS AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS recalls that back in 2008, Sarah Palin was a supporter of “A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP” and that PALIN interviewed on UNIVISION, (in Spanish), and stated:

As governor, how do you deal with them? Do you think they all should be deported?

There is no way that in the US we would roundup every illegal immigrant -there are about 12 million of the illegal immigrants- not only economically is that just an impossibility but that’s not a humane way anyway to deal with the issue that we face with illegal immigration.

Do you then favor an amnesty for the 12 or 13 million undocumented immigrants?

No, I do not. I do not. Not total amnesty. You know, people have got to follow the rules. They’ve got to follow the bar, and we have got to make sure that there is equal opportunity and those who are here legally should be first in line for services being provided and those opportunities that this great country provides.

To clarify, so you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.





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